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How to find Quality Writers for your Blog?

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You have probably heard about making money online and you have tried to test your luck by creating a blog. However, like many people out there you seem to have a problem of where to get content for your blog as you are always busy and cant create it yourself. Well the solution is simple enough, why not let others create the content for you and you just have to reap the benefits. Yeah! its as simple as that but before you start celebrating thinking that you have stumbled upon a gold mine, let us first discuss about how you will go about it.

Request for writers on your blog

The first thing you will have to do is to request for writers on your blog. All you have to do is to put a link either at the end of your post or your footer. Another way is to create a write for us page which will most probably bring a horde of writers to your blog. Believe me, when a person is searching for anything on the internet it will most probably be out of interest and most people will be sure to respond to your appeal about the search for writers. It is also advisable to make sure that your link or page is indexed Google so that you can get writers straight from Google search.

Give Something in return

I understand that you don't just want writers but you want writers who can stick for good. Then i suggest that you must give the writers something in return. People want different things, some want, some money and some want back links. Most sites do pay their writers $30-$100 which I fear is a considerably large sum to some bloggers. So the best way is to utilize guest blogging which will keep a steady stream of posts flowing into your blog and also enhance your SEO ranking.

Make use of your social networks

Most people nowadays have the tendency of spending most of their time on social networks. So you can easily find writers from your social networks. Try to pick those writers who often put posts on their accounts which are related to your blog ninche. That way you will find writers who are well versed on that niche and can produce great content.

Pick your writers from your blog commentors

I am pretty sure that you would want professional writers for your blog. Thus the advice I can give you is to pick your writers from your blog commentors. Its either these commentors are super fans or they also own websites and will be trying to gain recognition in the ever expanding online world. So you have to follow up especially through email and give them the offer to become your writers.


Using freelance websites is a great way to find writers for your blog. This ensures that you find the best writers in the market.These freelancing sites include Craigslist, iWriter, Freelancer and Fivver. However you have to be extra careful because some of the writers on these platforms are inexperienced. So firstly you must ask for samples of the work which the writers could have written in the past so that you can see if you like it. When posting your job ad you must also specify how you want the article to be written and which type of writer you want.


It is sensible to contract other bloggers to write your posts as they really know what is supposed to be done which will speed up the writing and publishing. The first way is to contract small bloggers in the same ninche as you are. The reason why you will want small bloggers is they have more time on their hands and as people who are trying to establish a strong name they will obviously overperfom. You will also have enough time to scrutinise their content and determine whether you like their writing style or not.

The second trick is to comb through multi-author sites and find writers who have great writing skills. Then you have to contact these writers and offer them the writing job. Be sure to clearly state out your blog and what it is about. This way you will find great writers who will produce great content.

With this I say happy blogging and please drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

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