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Top 5 Websites where Writers can make Money

Writing is a good hobby which most people are engaged in. However after watching a few motivational videos about following your passion and doing what  you are a good at, you had like to make money from your your writing hobby. Well the good news for you is, it is not that hard and I will show you how to do it. However you have to note that these are not get rich quick schemes, if you want to be scammed there are a lot of sites which will sort you out out there. Making money online is always cool so lets get you started.


Craigslist is a good place to visit especially for new writers. You can go under the gigs and services sections where you can find many people requesting for writing services. Contact information and everything will be found there and you can start to make some bucks off your writing hobby. If you are too adventurous you can also put a listing for  your writing service and see what happens.


HubPages is for those who want to avoid all the headaches of finding clients. You can just write on any topic which you are well versed on and it will be posted o  the HubPages website. You then have to link a monetization method to your hub account and HubPages will give you a percentage of the revenue earned from your articles. However you have to note that it can be a slow process and this will be best if you use it as a side income project.


Freelancer is mainly meant for those who don't want to be ordered around by bosses in workplaces. Freelancing is mainly for the work from home fanatics. You simply have to create an account and highlight your skills. You then bid for the writing jobs from possible clients who may want something to be written for them. If you are successful then you can have a chance to wear your pajamas all day long.

However you have to note that competition can be tough so try to give quality services to your clients. It is also advisable to take some courses offered by Freelancer like the English course so that you can showcase your experience. Happy Freelancing.


Fivver is a website where users can create gigs and advertise their offered services. Like what the name suggests, mosts of the services will be offered for 5 dollars. For writers services to be offered can include copy-writing, editing, proofreading, blog-posts writing and almost anything you can imagine. Fivver is the sky is the limit kind of platform.

The biggest advantage about Fivver is that you don't have to search for  clients that much as they will access you through  your Gigs. However if you had like to earn big you can easily advertise your gig and attract more clients. 

The Gigs are easy to create and you can offer added services for a higher price. Lets say for example I say I will write a 500 word article in 3 days, I can then offer that for an extra 5 dollars the article will  be delivered in a day. It is also advisable to access the Fivver buyer requests section so that you can bid for jobs. I hope you will create a great Gig

1) iWriter

Of all the services which can be used by writers to earn money I think iWriter is the best. This service is fun to use and does not give much restrictions. Clients present their articles which they want to be written and you just have t scroll down and pick a topic related to your expertise. You will input the content through an editor on the iWriter website and then wait for your article approval.

In order to offer quality services to clients, iWriter uses a ranking system. You will be upgraded to the next rank based on your performance but if you have some money you can pay them to upgrade you. Here are the ranks:
  1. Standard: 1-2 dollars per-article
  2. Premium: Approximately 10 dollars per-article
  3. Elite: Approximately 20 dollars per article
  4. Elite Plus: 100-150 dollars per-article

However the payment system is not that straightforward. The client receives your client and reads it and will only pay you if they are satisfied. If the client is not satisfied the article is rejected and what that means is there won't be any payment  for you and you just wasted your time. There is also a possibility that the client will use your material after rejecting it. So although this gives a fair chance to everyone, you have to be careful and please avoid article with a high rejection rate.

I hope I have helped you. You have to note that you don't need any form of investment except buying a laptop which you may already have and an internet connection which you are already using. However all these mentioned services are not get rich quick schemes and you will have to put a lot of work in order to succeed. There are many other services and please tell us which one works best for you in the comment section below. 



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