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Top 5 Best free Softwares for Video editing (2017)

Free Video Editors

For most writers creating video content is a must. This content can be used in advertising your books, websites and just sharing your information with others. However the big problem is most people cannot afford professional softwares like Premiere Pro. As a result they are not able to make their videos and are always daydreaming about the day they will have enough money to buy professional video editors.Well then I got you, here are the best video editors you can use without spending even a dime, that is if you did not personally buy your Internet bundles of course.

The video editors I'm going to present are free at the moment I'm writing this post. Things can change in the future and if you read this at a later date and you find out that the software is no longer free, please that is not my problem. The following editors will not leave any watermarks in your videos which is why I selected them. They are not the free trial type you download them and just use them without being pestered about buying a premium software.


Windows Movie Maker

For all first time video editors, this is the best that you can get. It will make any beginner feel like a professional just soon after opening it. To make it simple, you will fall in love with this editor on the first use.

Maybe some of you are complaining but when you are not an experienced editor, I think the important things will be adding various videos to your project, put some interesting pictures, add a nice audio track, put some effects here and there and bam! you are done. Well for that the Windows Movie Maker is enough. Combine this free video editor with free pictures editors like paint.net and you will be unstoppable in  the video editing world.

It goes without saying that this only works on Windows computers and you may already have it in your PC.


Lightworks is one of the  video editor which have been around for a long time. As a result you must expect the best service from this software. It works like most big brand video editing softwares so it is a must try software. Lightworks is also a lightweight video editor and you will only need 2GB of RAM to effectively run the software. It doesn't have everything though but guys it's free.

Lightworks is available for Windows, Mac and Linux


Shotcut video editor

Shotcut is one of the best open-source video editors. Open-source softwares are usually community driven. what this means is that  the software will be free forever and any problems will be quickly addressed. Shotcut is also beginner friendly and you can easily grow with it as it is being constantly improved.

The best thing about shotcut is the multi-track video editing capability. What this simply means is that you will be able to add as much multimedia as you want in the timeline. It has everything which one can want in a video editor. However there are some occasional crushes so you must constantly save your work, but it's free and that's the only thing that matters.

Shotcut is available for Windows, Mac and Linux


Davinci Resolve 12.5

This software was made by a company called Black Magic Design. It was originally meant for color correction but was later on turned into a video editor. Its free version has features which can be found on professional softwares like Premier Pro. 

The downside about this video editor is you must have a powerful laptop to run it. You must be running at least 64 bit system with 8GB of RAM and 1GB of GPU RAM. So it goes without saying that if you do not have a powerful PC then  this is not for you.

Davinci Resolve 12.5 is available on both Mac and Windows.


Hitfilm 4 Express

For those who had like to do professional video editing then Hitfilm is for you. Best things in life must be free and this is the best video editing software. Hitfilm 4 Express combines video editing, visual effects composing and audio processing capabilities in a single software package. 

This software can easily surpass many of the big boys in the video editing industry. For those who want added functionalities you can easily purchase addons. 

Hitfilm 4 Express is available for Windows and Mac

This is it for now guys and just a tip for those who want to use some of these softwares for making YouTube videos. YouTube has its own video editor which will allow you to do basic video editing and it also offers  free music to add to your videos.

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